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A "real" CPU Fan!

Tired of your PC making the room unbearable hot? So was I.
A solution? Vent it to another room.

So let's pull it away from one major source: The CPU/Memory. Some random strategically placed tubing will do the trick:

But of course, the tube has to come out somewhere. That's what random unused PCI slots are for, right?

We of course need a fan to pull the air out...

How do we connect the fan to the tube though? A cheap trash can should suffice:

We need to cut that hole in it for the tube though. A random exacto knife should do the trick. Remember back to your Cub Scouts / Tiger Cubs training though, and always cut away from you with a knife.

And this is why.

Once the knife was reattached to its handle (*shakes fist*) and the cut made deeper, some scisors will punch the hole right out.

This leaves you with a nice hole in the cheap trash can:

A little hot melt glue, and we have a nice interface.

But we need a way to connect the can to that tube sticking out of the PC... so let's... use more hot melt glue! A couple little bits of tubing make a nice mold. I put on a small chunk of glue at a time, then cooled it in cold water quickly so I could go onto the next chunk.

Once the mold is encased in glue...

The mold came out with a bit of work from needle-nosed pliers, leaving...

With two of those made, it's easy to attach and detach the tubing whenever I want to use it:

The tube then goes out into the hall and around the corner, where the fan can barely be heard.

The cheap trash can fits nicely onto the back of the fan by itself.

Unfortunately... I think I need a bigger tube... so stay tuned for v2 of "The Real CPU fan" at some point in the future!

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